Dental Implants

There are many ways to replace missing teeth; dental implants are one option that you may be a candidate for. A special type of screw is placed in the jawbone which supports a new tooth made by your dentist. This “screw” is made of titanium and is similar in many ways to knee and hip replacements.

The success rate for dental implants is in the mid to upper 90% range. Every dental implant is customized to your specific needs and can be a permanent solution when maintained properly. 

Advanced imaging with a CT scan may be needed in order to determine if there is adequate underlying bone to support a dental implant. We can complete this imaging in our office for your convenience. Bone grafting prior to or in conjunction with implant placement may be needed if there is insufficient available bone. 

The typical timeline for implant placement is as follows:

• Extraction of tooth to be replaced with bone preservation.
• Healing period of 8-12 weeks for bone growth and development.
• Placement of the implant “screw” portion.
• Healing period of 8-12 weeks for development and fusion of bone to the implant surface.
• Restoration of the implant(s) with crown, bridge or denture by your dentist.