What is a Periodontist?

Periodontists are dentists who have advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, which is infections of structures around the teeth.

Periodontists also treat various other diseases and conditions associated with oral soft tissue. 

At Ward Periodontics, we work closely with your general dentist providing specialty expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of the periodontium (oral soft tissue and bone). We believe the team approach provides the best possible oral health care of our patients. We treat both pediatric and adult patients with a focus on education and lifelong follow-up.

Dr. Ward is a periodontist who is certified by the American Board of Periodontology. This means she has been examined by a panel of internationally respected peers and awarded Diplomate status. She has received one of the highest recognitions of achievement offered by the specialty; by successfully completing the examination process. She has demonstrated motivation for continued professional development, self-evaluation, critical review of results in therapy and interest in providing the best, most up to date care.

Our Mission simply put:

“To lead the Kansas City dental community by providing ideal treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth for the discriminating patient who seeks optimal health.”

WHAT we do:

● Treat diseases of the supporting structures of the teeth with a whole health approach.
● We believe that periodontal disease is a nearly preventable disease and with the right education we can empower patients to see this.
● We always strive to provide a superior level of diagnosis.
● We provide ideal, ethical treatment to all patients who are willing to accept this. 
● To always be a student of dental medicine.
● To refer when something is beyond the scope of our care so our patients receive the best treatment for their condition.

WHO we do it for:

● The discriminating dental consumer.
● The patient seeking optimal care.
● The patient who is willing to own their disease status.

HOW we do it:

● In a comfortable, inviting environment.
● With as little stress and/or anxiety as possible.
● By being prepared.
● With humor and lightheartedness.
● Getting to really know and form a lasting relationship with our patients.
● By having the best equipment and resources.
● Keeping up-to-date with our dental knowledge.